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The list of billionaires below is composed using both the Forbes 400 Billionaires List as well as the Bloomberg Billionaires List and Index to achieve the most accurate list possible. All the names listed below are the exact names you will find, plus their addresses, on the Billionaire Mailing List. Our list below also shows you the heirs to many family fortunes as well as the companies they founded.
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Our mailing lists have received many allocades and thank yous to the people who give money away and to us for helping them find the addresses of wealthy people who give money away. We are displayting several of them throughout our websites. We would appreciate hearing from you too if you recieve a donation from a billionaire - of any kind. Many billionaires will ask that their names are not given as donors. We respect that so we just ask you simply let us know you received something. We like to know we are helping people. We also appreciate any comments or concerns.
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There are many reasons you may need to know who the current billionaires in the U.S. are.  So here we have given you the current billionaires list in a easy, convienent, sortable, and scrollable format for quick reference. No need to worry how to contact a billionaire anymore. Our lists are great for inventors who have inventions or ideas, but need an invention investor. Billionaires love opening their wallets for great inventions, ideas, apps, or software because it may just help them in their business or just because the invention may make them even more wealthy. People use our lists to ask for money because they are in need. However, most billionaires and millionaire like to know what their FREE money will be used for or they might just not give money away. So that is why we include sample letters to ask for money from billionaires and millionaires. They really help you figure out the correct wording, structure, and what and what not to include in the letter. The sample letters are great to ask for donations of any kind, ask for money, ask billionaires for a product endorsement, or to ask billionaires about fund raising donations. Non-Profits use our lists all the time to ask for donations. Sales people use our lists to send information about their products. The list of things you can use our Billionaires List for go on and on, with really thousands of uses. Our lists make a great gift for any business person. After all, our lists contain the names of the most powerful people on the planet, making it simple to contact a billionaire, millionaire, or CEO.

Current U.S. Billionaires List 2014

The Billionaire Mailing List Contains The Addresses For All Names Listed Above
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The Current U.S. Billionaires List
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First Name Last Name Net Worth Age Companies Founded-Inherited-Or Known For
Bill Gates 70.0 Billion 57 Microsoft Owner Co-Founder - Most Giving Philanthropist Ever
Warren Buffett 53.5 Billion 82 Berkshire Hathaway Owner-Considered greatest investor of the 20th century
Larry Ellison 43.0 Billion 68 Oracle Owner Co-Founder and CEO - Best-paid executive $1.8 Billion in 10 Years
Charles Koch 34.0 Billion 77 Koch Industries Co-Owner-second largest privately held company in the U.S.
David Koch 37.0 Billion 73 Koch Industries Co-Owner-second largest privately held company in the U.S.
Christy Walton 28.2 Billion 58 Wal-Mart Co-Owner Heir-Widow of John-who was son Of Founder Sam Walton
Michael Bloomberg 19.5 Billion 71 Bloomberg LP Owner Cofounder-financial data media-Ex-Mayor Of New York City
Jim Walton 21.1 Billion 65 Wal-Mart Co-Owner Heir - Youngest Son Of Founder Sam Walton
Sheldon Adelson 21.5 Billion 80 Las Vegas Sands Corporation CEO and Chairman - Israel HaYom Owner-newspaper
Alice Walton 26.9 Billion 63 Wal-Mart Co-Owner Heir - Daughter of Founder Sam Walton
S. Robson Walton 26.5 Billion 69 Wal-Mart Co-Owner Heir - Son Of Founder Sam Walton
Jeff Bezos 23.1 Billion 49 Amazon Owner Founder and CEO - largest retailer on the World Wide Web
Larry Page 16.7 Billion 39 Google Owner Co-Founder CEO-Invented search ranking algorithm PageRank
Sergey Brin 20.7 Billion 39 Google Owner Co-Founder Executive Chairman - computer scientist
Carl Icahn 14.8 Billion 77 Icahn Enterprises Owner Founder - Investor - hostile takeovers
George Soros 19.0 Billion 82 Soros Fund Management Owner - hedge funds
Forrest Mars Jr 17.0 Billion 81 Mars Candy Co-Owner Heir-Son of Forrest-Grandson of founder Frank Mars
Jacqueline Mars 17.0 Billion 73 Mars Candy Co-Owner Heir-Daughter of Forrest-Grandaughter of founder Frank
John Mars 17.0 Billion 77 Mars Candy Co-Owner Heir-Son of Forrest-Grandson of founder Frank Mars
Len Blavatnik 12.5 Billion 56 Access Industries Owner Founder-diversified investments
Michael Dell 14.6 Billion 48 Dell Computers Founder Chairman and CEO -MSD Capital Owner-managing firm
Steve Ballmer 15.9 Billion 57 Microsoft CEO -first business manager hired by Gates -30th employee of Microsoft
Paul Allen 15.0 Billion 60 Microsoft Owner Co-Founder - Seattle Seahawks-Portland Trail Blaziers Owner
Phil Knight 13.1 Billion 75 Nike Owner Co-Founder Chairman-selfmade -made first sales out of trunck of car
Mark Zuckerberg 9.4 Billion 29 Facebook Owner Co-Founder (1 of 5) Chairman CEO -social networking-media
Donald Bren 13.0 Billion 81 Irvine Company Founder Sole Owner -Real Estate
Abigail Johnson 11.7 Billion 51 Fidelity Investments President-Heir-Family Owned
Ray Dalio 10.0 Billion 64 Bridgewater Associates Owner Founder - hedge funds
Ronald Perelman 12.0 Billion 68 MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc Owner Founder - leveraged buyouts
Anne Cox Chambers 10.7 Billion 93 Cox Media Owner-Heir - Daughter of founder James Cox
James Simons 11.0 Billion 75 Renaissance Technologies Founder Owner - hedge funds
Harold Hamm 9.7 Billion 67 Hiland Partners-Continental Resources CEO -oil & natural gas
Rupert Murdoch 9.4 Billion 82 News Corporation Founder Owner Chairman CEO - media holdings
John Paulson 11.0 Billion 57 Paulson and Company Owner Founder - hedge funds
Jack Taylor 11.0 Billion 90 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Owner Founder
Lauren Powell Jobs 11.0 Billion 49 Apple-Pixar Owner Heir - Widow Of Co-Founder Steve Jobs
Charles Ergen 9.0 Billion 60 Dish Network Co-Founder and Chairman formerly EchoStar
Philip Anschutz 7.6 Billion 73 Major League Soccer Co-Founder Other Sports teams-entertainment -oil
George Kaiser 10.0 Billion 71 BOK Financial Corporation Owner Founder - oil & gas - banking
Richard Kinder 9.4 Billion 68 Kinder Morgan Energy Partners Chairman and CEO - oil pipelines
Steve Cohen 8.8 Billion 57 SAC Capital Advisors Owner Founder - hedge funds
Pierre Omidyar 8.2 Billion 46 Ebay Owner Founder Chairman
Andrew Beal 8.4 Billion 60 Beal Banks -Real estate and banking
Harold Simmons 7.1 Billion 82 Contran Corporation Owner Founder -Banking and investments
Eric Schmidt 7.5 Billion 58 Google -software engineer-executive chairman of Google
Leonard Lauder 7.7 Billion 80 Estee Lauder Cosmetics Co-Owner - Heir
Samuel Newhouse Jr 7.4 Billion 85 Advance Publications Media Heir- son of founder S l Newhouse Sr
Elaine Marshall 8.0 Billion 71 Marshall Petroleum Heir-Daugher of E. Pierce Marshall-son of founder J Howard
Patrick Soon-Shiong 7.3 Billion 61 Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health - generic drugs
James Goodnight 7.3 Billion 70 SAS Institute Owner Co-Founder - software programming
Charles Butt 6.9 Billion 75 HEB Grocery Company Owner Heir-son of founder Howard -supermarket chain
Donald Newhouse 6.6 Billion 83 Advance Publications Media Heir- son of founder S l Newhouse Sr
Edward Johnson III 6.5 billion 83 Fidelity Investments CEO Heir family owned - son of founder Edward Johnson II
Ralph Lauren 6.5 Billion 73 Ralph Lauren Founder - clothing apparal
John Menard Jr 6.0 Billion 73 Menards Retail Owner Founder - home improvement
David Tepper 5.5 Billion 55 Appaloosa Management Owner Founder - hedge funds
Ira Rennert 6.5 Billion 79 American investor and businessman - Used junk bonds to make money
Eli Broad 6.3 Billion 80 Sun Life Insurance Company of America - Sold for 18 billion in 1999 - now retired
David Geffen 5.6 Billion 70 DreamWorks SKG Co-Founder- Asylum Records and Geffan Records Founder
Jim Kennedy 5.4 Billion 65 Cox Enterprises Co-Owner Heir-son of Stanley-son of founder James Cox
John Malone 5.6 Billion 72 Liberty Media and Liberty Global - cable media- largest landowner in the U.S.
Blair Parry-Okeden 5.4 Billion 62 Cox Enterprises Co-Owner Heir - privately held media conglomerate
Micky Arison 5.0 Billion 64 Carnival Cruises Co-Owner Heir - Miami Heat Owner
Charles Johnson 4.7 Billion 80 Franklin Resources -Chairman of the Board - Owner of San Francisco Giants
Ray Lee Hunt 5.2 Billion 70 Hunt Oil Co-Owner Heir - son of founder H L Hunt - oil
Rupert Johnson Jr 4.6 Billion 72 Franklin Resources Heir - son of founder Rupert Johnson Sr - financial services
Jeffrey Hildebrand 5.5 Billion 54 Hilcorp Energy Corp Founder Owner Chairman CEO - Oil
Richard LeFrak 5.2 Billion 67 LaFrak Organization Family Owned - real estate developer
Dennis Washington 5.2 Billion 79 Washington Companies Co-Owner- construction - mining
Dannine Avara 4.7 Billion 49 Enterprise Products Heir - Duncan Family fortune - gas pipelines
Richard DeVos 5.1 Billion 87 Amway Owner Co-Founder - Orlando Magic NBA Team Owner
Scott Duncan 4.7 Billion 30 Enterprise Products Heir- Co-Founders Son - Gas Pipelines
Milane Frantz 4.7 Billion 44 Enterprise Products Heir- Co-Founders Daughter - Gas Pipelines
Randa Williams 4.7 Billion 52 Enterprise Products Heir- Co-Founders Son - Gas Pipelines
Stanley Kroenke 4.0 Billion 66 Kroenke Sports - Husband of Ann Walton Kroenke of Walmart Fortune
Hank & Doug Meijer 4.9 Billion 91 Meijer Supermarkets Heir -Private Company - Grandsons Of Founder
Thomas Peterffy 4.6 Billion 68 Interactive Brokers Founder - Boston Options Exchange -discount brokerage
Robert Rowling 4.9 Billion 59 TRT Holdings Founder - Omni Hotels -Golds Gym-investments
David Duffield 2.1 Billion 72 Work Day CEO Co-Founder-PeopleSoft Software Founder
Thomas Frist Jr 4.0 Billion 74 Hospital Corporation of America Co-Founder - health care
Patrick McGovern 5.1 Billion 75 International Data Group Founder Chairman - media tech subsidiaries
Sumner Redstone 5.8 Billion 90 National Amusments Owner - Viacom - CBS Corp - Owner
Jin Sook & Do Won Chang 4.5 Billion 58 Forever 21 Owner Founder - Family owned retail clothing chain
David Green 4.5 Billion 71 Hobby Lobby Owner Founder - Arts and Crafts Store Chain
Henry Kravis 4.0 Billion 69 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Co Co-Founder - private equity firm
Ann Walton Kroenke 4.5 Billion 64 Wal-Mart Heir - daughter of Bud Walton brother of founder Sam Walton
Trevor Rees-Jones 4.5 Billion 61 Chief Oil and Gas Owner Founder Chairman - Oil & Gas
Leslie Wexner 4.4 Billion 75 Limited Brands Corp CEO and Chairman - Victorias Secret - retail
Malcolm Glazer 3.6 Billion 84 First Allied Corp President CEO - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - other sports team
Stephen Ross 4.4 Billion 73 The Related Companies Founder Chairman- Global real estate developer
Dirk Ziff 4.3 Billion 49 Ziff-Davis Media Heir -Ziff Brothers -investments
Robert Ziff 4.3 Billion 46 Ziff-Davis Media Heir -Ziff Brothers -investments
Leon Black 3.5 Billion 62 Apollo Global Management Founder - United Brands Heir - private equity
Bruce Kovner 4.3 Billion 68 Caxton Associates Founder Chairman - hedge funds of global macro strategy
Charles Schwab 4.3 Billion 74 Charles Schwab Corp Founder - discount brokerage -banking
S Truett Cathy 4.2 Billion 92 Chick-Fil-A Founder Owner - fast food restaurant chain
Bruce Halle 4.0 Billion 83 Discount Tire Company Founder Chairman - discount tire outlets
Leonard Stern 4.2 Billion 75 Hartz Group CEO Chairman - real estate
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Barbara Carlson Gage 4.0 Billion 71 Carlson Companies Co-Owner Family Owned hotels - restaurants -travel
Ken Griffin 3.0 Billion 42 Citadel LLC Founder CEO Owner -investment firm - hedge funds
Gordon Moore 4.0 Billion 84 Intel Corporation Co-Founder Chairman Emeritus -semiconductor chips
Marilyn Carlson Nelson 4.0 Billion 74 Carlson Companies Co-Owner Family Owned hotels - restaurants -travel
George Roberts 3.7 Billion 69 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts Co Co-Founder - leveraged buyouts
Gayle Cook 3.7 Billion 79 Cook Group Inc Co-Owner Heir Private Family Owned - medical devices
John Paul DeJoria 4.0 Billion 69 Paul Mitchell Co-Founder -hair products - Patron Spirits Co Owner- tequila
William Koch 4.0 Billion 73 Koch Industries Co-Owner-second-largest privately held company in the U.S.
Ted Lerner 3.9 Billion 87 Lerner Enterprises - real estate - Washington Nationals -Managing Owner
Sam Zell 4.7 Billion 69 Equity Group Investments Chairman -real estate - private equity
Nancy Walton Laurie 3.9 Billion 62 Wal-Mart Heir - youngest daughter of Bud Walton brother of founder Sam Walton
George Lucas 3.3 Billion 69 Lucas Entertainment Founder - Star Wars Empire
Mitchell Rales 3.4 Billion 56 Danaher Group Holdings Co-Founder - manufacturing
John Sobrato 3.6 Billion 74 Sobrato Development Companies Owner - real estate
Diane Hendricks 2.9 Billion 66 Hendricks Holding Company Owner Widow Of Ken- Founder -roofing
Dustin Moskovitz 2.7 Billion 29 Asana Co-Founder - Facebook Co-Founder Co-Owner
Steven Rales 3.3 Billion 62 Danaher Group Holdings Co-Founder Chairman - manufacturing
John Sall 3.6 Billion 65 SAS Institute Co-Founder Owner - computer software developer
Roger Wang 3.6 Billion 64 Golden Eagle International Group Founder - department stores -retail
Edward Roski Jr 3.7 Billion 74 Majestic Realty Co Owner-real estate -LA Kings and LA Lakers Co-Owner
Jeffrey Skoll 3.3 Billion 48 Ebay Former First President-Employee - engineer - internet - film producer
Sheldon Solow 3.5 Billion 85 Solow Realty and Development Company Owner - real estate
Paul Tudor Jones II 3.6 Billion 58 Tudor Investment Corporation Owner- hedge funds
Ronald Lauder 3.4 Billion 69 Estee Lauder Cosmetics Co-Owner - Heir -Son Of Founders Estee & Joseph
Daniel Gilbert 1.9 Billion 51 Quicken Loans (Rock Financial)Founder - Cleveland Cavaliers Owner
Tom & Judy Love 3.5 Billion 75 Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores - Retail 7 Gas Stations Owners
Henry Ross Perot Sr 3.5 Billion 83 Perot Systems Corporation Inc Founder - IT - Real Estate
Lynn Schusterman 3.5 Billion 74 Samson Investment Company Owner- Widow of Charles -oil & gas
Steven Udvar-Hazy 3.3 Billion 67 Air Lease Corporation Founder CEO Owner - aircraft leasing
Pauline MacMillan Keinath 3.0 Billion 79 Cargill Inc. Heir -Worlds Largest Grain Company
Whitney MacMillan 3.0 Billion 84 Cargill Inc. Heir -Former CEO Chairman -Worlds Largest Grain Company
Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer 3.0 Billion 51 Cargill Inc. Heir -Worlds Largest Grain Company
David Shaw 2.9 Billion 62 D.E. Shaw Research Owner - hedge funds
Kirk Kerkorian 2.9 Billion 96 Tracinda Corporation President CEO- MGM Grand & Mirage casinos
J Christopher Reyes 2.0 Billion 59 Reyes Holdings Co-Chairman Owner with brother - food distribution
Jude Reyes 2.0 Billion 57 Reyes Holdings Co-Chairman Owner with brother - food distribution
Tamara Gustavson 3.0 Billion 51 Public Storage Co-Owner Heir - largest self-storage in US
Karen Pritzker-Vlock 1.6 Billion 53 Marmon Group Heir -Sold Hyatt Hotels -Transunion - investments
Jerry Speyer 3.0 Billion 73 Tishman Speyer Owner Co-Founder - real estate
Steven Spielberg 3.2 Billion 66 DreamWorks SKG Co-Owner Co-Founder - enterainment - movies
Donald Trump 3.1Billion 67 The Trump Organization Chairman President - real estate
Ron Burkle 3.1 Billion 60 Yucaipa Companies Owner Founder - supermarkets - investments
Charles Dolan 3.0 Billion 86 Cablevision Owner - Founder - cable television
Reid Hoffman 2.1 Billion 46 LinkedIn Co-Owner Co-Founder - social network
Edward Lampert 3.1 Billion 50 AutoZone - founder chairman and CEO of ESL Investments - investments
Bernard Marcus 2.7 Billion 84 Home Depot Co-Owner Co-Founder - home-improvement retailer
Haim Saban 3.1 Billion 68 Saban Entertainment Owner Founder - television - media
Riley Bechtel 2.9 Billion 61 Bechtel Corporation Heir - great grandson of founder - engineering - construction
Stephen Bechtel Jr 2.9 Billion 88 Bechtel Corporation Heir - grandson of founder - engineering - construction
John Catsimatidis 3.0 Billion 64 Gristedes Foods Owner President CEO - supermarkets - Red Apple Owner - real estate
William Conway Jr 2.7 Billion 62 The Carlyle Group Co-Owner Co-Founder - leveraged buyouts
Daniel D'Aniello 2.7 Billion 65 The Carlyle Group Co-Owner Co-Founder - leveraged buyouts
Archie Aldis Emmerson 3.0 Billion 84 Sierra Pacific Industries Owner - timberland - lumber mills
Israel Englander 2.7 Billion 64 Millennium Management LLC Co-Owner Co-Founder -hedge funds
Herbert Kohler Jr 2.6 Billion 74 Kohler Company Heir Co-Owner - plumbing fixtures
James Leprino 2.6 Billion 75 Leprino Foods Owner Founder- cheese - foods
Terrence Pegula 3.0 Billion 62 East Resources Founder - natural gas - sold for 4.7 billion - Buffalo Sabres Owner
Anthony Pritzker 2.5 Billion 52 Pritzker Group Partner - Hyatt Hotels Heir - Marmon Group - hotels - investments
Jay Robert (JB) Pritzker 2.5 Billion 48 Pritzker Group Partner - Hyatt Hotels Principle Owner Heir - hotels - investments
David Rubenstein 1.9 Billion 63 The Carlyle Group Co-Owner Co-Founder - leveraged buyouts
Martha Ingram 2.7 Billion 77 Ingram Industries Chairman - Widow of E. Bronson Ingram - oil and barge transportation
Shahid Kahn 2.5 Billion 63 Flex-N-Gate Owner - auto parts - NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars Owner
Daniel Och 2.3 Billion 52 Och-Ziff Capital Management Group Owner CEO - hedge funds
Alfred Taubman 2.9 Billion 89 Taubman Centers Owner - Credited with creating modern shopping malls - real estate
Joan Tisch 2.7 Billion 87 Loews Corporation Owner Heir - Married To Bob Tisch of Tisch family fortune - diversified
John Arnold 3.0 Billion 39 Centaurus Advisors LLC Owner Founder - hedge funds
Stanley Druckenmiller 2.7 Billion 60 Duquesne Capital Founder - Now Closed - Retired - hedge funds
Doris Fisher 2.9 Billion 81 Gap Owner Co-Founder With Husband Donald
James Jannard 2.8 Billion 64 Oakley Sunglasses Founder - Sold For 2 Billion In 2007
H Fisk Johnson III 2.7 Billion 56 SC Johnson & Sons Owner Heir CEO And Chairman-great-great-grandson of company founder
Imogene Powers Johnson 2.7 Billion 83 SC Johnson & Sons Heir - widow of Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr
S Curtis Johnson 2.7 Billion 58 SC Johnson & Sons Heir - son of Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr
Helen Johnson-Leipold 2.7 Billion 56 SC Johnson & Sons Heir - daughter of Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr
Winnie Johnson-Marquart 2.7 Billion 54 SC Johnson & Sons Heir - daughter of Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr-President Of Foundation
Julian Robertson Jr 2.6 Billion 81 Tiger Management Corp Founder - hedge funds - retired
Ronda Stryker 2.5 Billion 59 Stryker Corporation Heir Director - medical technology
Oprah Winfrey 2.7 Billion 59 Harpo Productions Owner - Television
Steve Wynn 2.5 Billion 71 Wynn Resorts Limited Owner Founder - casinos - hotels
Robert Bass 2.7 Billion 65 Keystone Inc President- Oak Hill Capital Partners Founder -oil - investments
Edward DeBartolo Jr 2.7 Billion 65 Simon DeBartolo Group Owner Co-Founder CEO - shopping centers
L John Doerr 2.7 Billion 62 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers - venture capital funding director
Amos Hostetter Jr 2.7 Billion 76 Continental Cablevision Founder - Sold In 1996 - cable television
Michael & Marian Ilitch 2.7 Billion 84 Little Caesars Pizza Owner Founder - Detriot Red Wings And Detriot Tigers Owner
Jeremy Jacobs Sr 2.7 Billion 73 Delaware North Companies Chairman CEO - sports concessions - Boston Bruins Owner
Jerry Jones 2.7 Billion 70 Dallas Cowboys Owner President General Manager
Peter Kellogg 2.7 Billion 70 Spear Leeds & Kellogg - Joined father James Crane Kellogg III Firm - investments
Mary Alice Dorrance Malone 2.7 Billion 63 Campbell Soup Heir-granddaughter of founder John T. Dorrance-Iron Spring Farm Inc Owner
Elon Musk 2.7 Billion 42 Tesla Motors Owner Founder- Space X Owner founder -PayPal Founder
David Rockefeller Sr 2.7 Billion 98 Standard Oil Heir - only surviving child of John D. Rockefeller Jr-son of founder -oil - banking
Warren Stephens 2.7 Billion 56 Stephens Inc Heir Owner Chairman CEO - Founded By Uncle - investment banking
Kelcy Warren 2.7 Billion 57 Energy Transfer Partners Chairman CEO - Oil Natural Gas Pipelines
Marc Benioff 2.6 Billion 49 Owner Chairman CEO - business software -Started At Oracle
David Bonderman 2.6 Billion 71 TPG Capital Founding Partner -Was CEO of Robert M. Bass Group - leveraged buyouts
Peter Buck 2.6 Billion 82 Subway Fast Food Restaurant Chain Co-Owner Co-founder
Jack Dangermond 2.6 Billion 68 Environmental Systems Research Institute Co-Founder With Wife - GIS mapping software
Fred DeLuca 2.6 Billion 65 Subway Fast Food Restaurant Chain Co-Owner Co-founder
Phillip Frost 2.6 Billion 76 Key Pharmaceuticals Bought and Sold - pharmaceuticals - Castle Brands Director - spirits
Tom Gores 2.6 Billion 49 Platinum Equity Owner Founder - private equity - Detriot Pistons Owner
Rodney Lewis 2.6 Billion 59 Lewis Energy Owner Founder President CEO - oil and natural gas drilling
Wilbur Ross Jr 2.6 Billion 75 WL Ross And Company Owner Founder - investments - International Textile Group Founder
David Sun 2.6 Billion 61 Kingston Technology Co-Founder - Sun Information Technology Founder - computer memory
John Tu 2.6 Billion 72 Kingston Technology Co-Founder President - computer memory
Anita Zucker 2.6 Billion 61 Hudson's Bay Company Chairman - Widow of HBC CEO Jerry Zucker - chemicals
Leon Cooperman 2.5 Billion 70 Omega Advisors Inc Owner Founder Chairman CEO - hedge funds
Victor Fung 2.5 Billion 67 Li & Fung Heir Group Chairman - Founded By Grandfather Fung Pak-liu - Retail
Timothy Headington 2.5 Billion 63 Headington Resources CEO - oil & gas- Sold North Dakota land for oil for $1.8 Billion
A Jerrold Perenchio 2.5 Billion 82 Univision Former Chairman And CEO - spanish language television
Phillip Ruffin 2.5 Billion 78 Businessman - casinos- real estate - greyhound racing tracks - oil production
Ty Warner 2.5 Billion 69 Ty Inc Owner Founder CEO - Beanie Babies - Recently Caught For $25 Million Tax Evasion
H Wayne Huizenga 2.4 Billion 75 Waste Management- Blockbuster Video - AutoNation - Swisher Hygiene - investments
Mark Cuban 2.4 Billion 55 AXS TV Owner-Dallas Mavericks Owner-Landmark Theatres-Magnolia Pictures -online media
Randal Kirk 2.4 Billion 59 Intrexon CEO - Third Security LLC Founder Managing Director- pharmaceuticals
George Lindemann Sr 2.4 Billion 77 Southern Union Chairman CEO - piplines -Sold Metro Mobile for $2.2 Billion -cell phones
David Murdock 2.4 Billion 90 Dole Food Chairman CEO-Castle & Cooke Owner-real estate - Pacific Clay Owner - pottery
Igor Olenicoff 2.4 Billion 70 Olen Properties Owner - real estate -Convicted of tax evasion -hidden bank accounts
Isaac Perlmutter 2.4 Billion 70 Marvel Entertainment CEO - Remington Products and Toy Biz Owner
Robert Rich Jr 2.4 Billion 72 Rich Products Corp Heir Owner Chairman-frozen foods - son of founder Robert Rich Sr
Mortimer Zuckerman 2.4 Billion 76 Boston Properties Co-Owner Co-Founder-New York Daily News Owner -real estate - media
James Cargill II 2.3 Billion 64 Cargill Inc Heir Co-Owner - great-grandson of founder William W. Cargill
Jim Davis 2.3 Billion 70 New Balance Shoes Owner Chairman - Major League Lacrosse Co-Founder
Dagmar Dolby 2.3 Billion 80 Dolby Laboratories Heir Owner-Widow of Ray-inventor of noise reduction system Dolby NR
Jeff Greene 2.3 Billion 56 Palm Beach Real estate entrepreneur - investments
Bill Gross 2.3 Billion 69 Pacific Investment Management Owner Co-Founder-nation's most prominent bond investor
Henry Hillman 2.3 Billion 94 Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Heir Owner -Major Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers investor
Robert Kraft 2.3 Billion 72 The Kraft Group Chairman CEO - New England Patriots And Revolution(Soccer) Owner
Marianne Liebmann 2.3 Billion 60 Cargill Inc Heir Co-Owner - great-grandaughter of founder William W. Cargill
Michael Milken 2.3 Billion 67 Knowledge Universe - Non-Profit Child Care -K12 Inc Owner - education management
Tor Peterson 2.3 Billion 49 Glencore - Swiss commodities trading giant - Owns 3% or $2 Billion of Company
Thomas Pritzker 2.3 Billion 63 Pritzker Organization Chairman CEO - Hyatt Hotels Corp Executive Chairman- investments
Richard Rainwater 2.3 Billion 69 ENSCO International Founder-Passed control to son Matthew because of rare disease
Herbert Allen Jr 2.2 Billion 73 Allen & Company Heir-Founded By Father and Uncle-Power now handed to son Herbert III
Neil Bluhm 2.2 Billion 75 ALP Liquidating Trust and the Northbrook Corporation President - real estate-casinos
John Fisher 2.2 Billion 52 Gap Inc Heir Owner - Son of founder Donald Fisher - Also Oakland Athletics Owner
Michael Moritz 2.2 Billion 58 Sequoia Capital Partner - venture capitalist
Stewart & Lynda Resnick 2.2 Billion 69 Franklin Mint Company Chairman CEO - Paramount Agribusiness And Teleflora Owner
Walter Scott Jr 2.2 Billion 82 Level 3 Communications Chairman-Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc Chairman-Warren Bufffet friend
Herbert Simon 2.2 Billion 78 Simon Property Group Owner Chairman-real estate - Indiana Pacers Owner -sports team
Clemmie Spangler 2.2 Billion 81 National Gypsum Chairman-investments - Inherited Bank of North Carolina from father
William Wrigley Jr II 2.2 Billion 49 Wrigley Company Heir Owner-son of Phillip -great grandson of founder William Wrigley Jr
James Coulter 2.1 billion 54 TPG Capital Owner Co-Founder-leveraged buyouts-largest leveraged buyout on record
Joshua Harris 2.1 billion 48 Apollo Global Management Co-Founder Partner-NBA 76er's Owner -New Jersey Devils Owner
Stanley Hubbard 2.1 billion 80 Hubbard Broadcasting Owner Founder - DirecTV Founder-media
Min Kao 2.1 billion 64 Garmin Corporation Owner Co-Founder - GPS navigation equipment
Frederick Smith 2.1 billion 68 FedEx Owner Founder Chairman President CEO - overnight express delivery
George Argyros 2.0 Billion 76 California Institute of Technology Chairman CEO - real estate investments
Edward Bass 2.0 Billion 68 Fine Line Chairman -Bass Family Fortune Heir From Uncle Sid Richardson - oil baron
Lee Bass 2.0 Billion 57 Bass Family Fortune Heir From Uncle Sid Richardson - oil baron
Andrew & Peggy Cherng 2.0 Billion 70 The Panda Restaurant Group Owners Co-Founders CEO-Panda Express Co-Founder CEO
Bharat Desai 2.0 Billion 60 Syntel Owner Chairman Co-Founder with wife Neerja Sethi- outsourcing
Judy Faulkner 2.0 Billion 69 Epic Systems Corporation
Gordon Getty 2.0 Billion 79 Getty Oil
Richard Marriott 2.0 Billion 74 hotels
Sean Parker 2.0 Billion 33 Facebook Co-founder
Richard Peery 2.0 Billion 74 real estate
B Wayne Hughes 1.9 Billion 80 Public Storage
Romesh Wadhwani 1.9 Billion 65 Software
John Arrillaga 1.9 Billion 75 real estate
Ken Fisher 1.9 Billion 62 Money management
Alec Gores 1.9 Billion 60 private equity
Johnelle Hunt 1.9 Billion 81 trucking
Brad Kelley 1.9 Billion 56 tobacco
Kenneth Langone 1.9 Billion 77 investments
Joseph Mansueto 1.9 Billion 56 investment research
Clayton Mathile 1.9 Billion 72 Iams pet food
Jean (Gigi) Pritzker 1.9 Billion 51 Hyatt hotels - investments
Donald Sterling 1.9 Billion 77 Real Estate
Meg Whitman 1.9 Billion 57 Ebay
John Pritzker 1.9 Billion 60 Hyatt hotels - investments
Penny Pritzker 1.9 Billion 54 Hyatt hotels - investments
S. Daniel Abraham 1.9 Billion 88 Slim-Fast
Sid Bass 1.9 Billion 70 oil - investments
Stephen Bisciotti 1.8 Billion 53 Aerotek Inc -outsourcing - football
Gerald Ford 1.8 Billion 69 banking
Robert Friedland 1.8 Billion 62 mining
Jimmy Haslam 1.8 Billion 59 Owner Cleveland Browns Football Team - Pilot Flying J Truck Stop chain Owner
Drayton McLane Jr 1.8 Billion 77 Wal-Mart - logistics
Robert McNair 1.8 Billion 76 energy - sports
Leandro Rizzuto 1.8 Billion 75 consumer products
Thomas Siebel 1.8 Billion 60 business software
Dean White 1.8 Billion 90 billboards - hotels
Bill Marriott Jr 1.7 Billion 81 hotels
Daniel Pritzker 1.7 Billion 54 Hyatt hotels - investments
Bennett Dorrance 1.7 Billion 67 Campbell Soup
Glenn Dubin 1.7 Billion 56 Highbridge Capital Mgmt - hedge funds
Tilman Fertitta 1.7 Billion 56 Landry's Restaurants
David Filo 1.7 Billion 47 Yahoo Co-founder
Thomas Friedkin 1.7 Billion 77 Toyota distribution
Noam Gottesman 1.7 Billion 52 hedge funds
Jim Justice II 1.7 Billion 62 coal
Alexander Knaster 1.7 Billion 54 oil - telecom - banking
Glen Taylor 1.7 Billion 72 printing
Elaine Wynn 1.7 Billion 70 Hotels -Wynn Resorts Ltd
David Gottesman 1.6 Billion 87 investments - First Manhattan Co
Bruce Karsh 1.6 Billion 57 money management
Howard Marks 1.6 Billion 67 money management
Linda Pritzker 1.6 Billion 59 hotels - investments
Ron Baron 1.6 Billion 70 Baron Funds-money managment
Arthur Blank 1.6 Billion 70 Home Depot
Norman Braman 1.6 Billion 80 art - car dealerships-Braman Management
Alfred James Clark 1.6 Billion 85 construction
Ray Davis 1.6 Billion 71 pipelines-Avatar Holdings-Texas Rangers MLB
James Dinan 1.6 Billion 54 hedge funds
Tom Golisano 1.6 Billion 71 Paychex Founder
Richard Hayne 1.6 Billion 65 Urban Outfitters
Susan Hirt Hagen 1.6 Billion 76 Erie Insurance Group
Gary Magness 1.6 Billion 59 cable - investments
Stephen Mandel Jr 1.6 Billion 57 hedge funds
Craig McCaw 1.6 Billion 63 Founder Clearwire-telecom
Howard Schultz 1.6 Billion 60 Starbucks
Pat Stryker 1.6 Billion 57 medical technology
Peter Thiel 1.6 Billion 45 Paypal - Facebook
William Fisher 1.5 Billion 56 Gap Founder Heir (Son)
Irwin Jacobs 1.5 Billion 79 Qualcomm
Manoj Bhargava 1.5 Billion 60 5-Hour Energy Founder - Stage 2 Innovations Founder
Scott Cook 1.5 Billion 61 Intuit
William Erbey 1.5 Billion 64 Ocwen Financial Corp
John Henry 1.5 Billion 63 sports
James Irsay 1.5 Billion 54 Indianapolis Colts Owner
Joe Jamail Jr 1.5 Billion 87 lawsuits
Vinod Khosla 1.5 Billion 58 venture capital
Thomas Lee 1.5 Billion 68 leveraged buyouts
Daniel Loeb 1.5 Billion 51 Founder hedge fund Third Point LLC
Jonathan Nelson 1.5 Billion 57 Leveraged buyouts
Bob Parsons 1.5 Billion 62 Go Daddy web hosting
Phillip Ragon 1.5 Billion 64 Founded InterSystems
Richard Schulze 1.5 Billion 72 Best Buy
Steve Case 1.4 Billion 54 AOL
Chase Coleman III 1.4 Billion 38 Founder Tiger Global Management-hedge fund
Marc Lasry 1.4 Billion 52 hedge funds
Gary Michelson 1.4 Billion 64 medical patents
Henry Nicholas III 1.4 Billion 53 semiconductors
Neal Patterson 1.4 Billion 64 Cerner Corporation
Henry Ross Perot Jr 1.4 Billion 54 computer services - real estate
Fayez Sarofim 1.4 Billion 84 Sarofim family fortune-investor
Richard Scaife 1.4 Billion 81 investments
Thomas Secunda 1.4 Billion 59 1 of 4 founders of Bloomberg LP
Thomas Steyer 1.4 Billion 56 hedge funds
Dan Wilks 1.4 Billion 57 natural gas
Farris Wilks 1.4 Billion 61 natural gas
Christopher Goldsbury 1.3 Billion 70 Sold Pace Salsa empire
Louis Bacon 1.3 Billion 56 Moore Capital Managemen-hedge funds
Gary Burrell 1.3 Billion 75 Garmin Co-founder -navigation equipment
Alan Gerry 1.3 Billion 83 Sold Small Cable Station To Time Warner For $900 Mil-cable television
Thomas Kaplan 1.3 Billion 50 Investments
Billy Joe McCombs 1.3 Billion 85 radio - oil - real estate
Peter Peterson 1.3 Billion 87 Blackstone Group -investments
Michael Price 1.3 Billion 61 investments
Evgeny Shvidler 1.3 Billion 49 oil & gas - investments
Paul Singer 1.3 Billion 68 hedge fund Elliott Associates L.P
Mark Stevens 1.3 Billion 53 venture capital
Jon Stryker 1.3 Billion 55 medical technology
Charlotte Colket Weber 1.3 Billion 70 Campbell Soup Heir
Nicholas Woodman 1.3 Billion 37 Founder GoPro Digital Cameras
Richard Yuengling Jr 1.3 Billion 70 Yuengling Brewing
David Einhorn 1.2 Billion 44 Greenlight Capital hedge funds
William Ford Sr 1.2 Billion 88 Ford Motor Co
Patrick Ryan 1.2 Billion 76 insurance
Graham Weston 1.2 Billion 49 - Webhosting - Cloud Computing
William Ackman 1.2 Billion 47 Pershing Square Capital Management hedge funds
Kenneth Adams Jr 1.2 Billion 90 Oil
Edmund Ansin 1.2 Billion 77 television
Tom Benson 1.2 Billion 86 New Orleans Saints
Jim Breyer 1.2 Billion 52 Venture Capital
Leon Charney 1.2 Billion 72 Real estate
Richard Chilton Jr 1.2 Billion 55 hedge funds
Christopher Cline 1.2 Billion 55 coal
Robert Duggan 1.2 Billion 69 biotech firm Pharmacyclics
Philip Falcone 1.2 Billion 51 Harbert Management-hedge funds
Mario Gabelli 1.2 Billion 71 Gambo Inc. money management
Anne Gittinger 1.2 Billion 77 Nordstrom Department Stores Heir
Sidney Kimmel 1.2 Billion 85 retail
Peter Lewis 1.2 Billion 79 Progressive Corp
C. Dean Metropoulos 1.2 Billion 67 Owner of Pabst Brewing Company-investments -Just Bought Hostess
Bruce Nordstrom 1.2 Billion 79 Nordstrom Dept.Stores Heir
Nelson Peltz 1.2 Billion 71 investments
Roger Penske 1.2 Billion 76 Automotive
Jorge Perez 1.2 Billion 64 condos
T. Boone Pickens 1.2 Billion 85 oil & gas - investments
Kevin Plank 1.2 Billion 40 Under Armour - self-made
Alexander Rovt 1.2 Billion 61 fertilizer
Bernard Saul II 1.2 Billion 81 banking - real estate
Henry Swieca 1.2 Billion 56 Swieca Holdings-hedge funds
Kenny Troutt 1.2 Billion 65 Excel Communications
Todd Wagner 1.2 Billion 53 online media
George Joseph 1.1 Billion 91 insurance
Jeffrey Lorberbaum 1.1 Billion 58 carpet manufacturer Mohawk Industries
Arturo Moreno 1.1 Billion 67 Anaheim Angels Owner -investments
Peter Sperling 1.1 Billion 53 education
Carl Berg 1.1 Billion 76 Berg & Berg Developers-real estate
James Clark 1.1 Billion 69 Founded Netscape Amoung Many Others
Jack Dorsey 1.1 Billion 36 Founder Of Twitter and Square
John Edson 1.1 Billion 81 Founded Bayliner Marine Corp
Paul Foster 1.1 Billion 55 Franklin Mountain Management-Western Refining
Daniel Harrison III 1.1 Billion 65 OIL -leased his 100000 ranch in south Texas to Shell Oil for $1 billion in cash plus royalties
Mitchell Jacobson 1.1 Billion 62 Central Street Capital -MSC Industrial Direct
Michael Krasny 1.1 Billion 60 retail
Eric Lefkofsky 1.1 Billion 43 Groupon
James Leininger 1.1 Billion 68 medical devices
William Macaulay 1.1 Billion 67 energy investments
Manuel Moroun 1.1 Billion 86 Central Transport Intl-Transportation
Charles Munger Sr 1.1 Billion 90 diversified investments
Charles Munger Jr 1.1 Billion 58 Inheritance
Gabe Newell 1.1 Billion 50 videogames - self-made
Nicholas Pritzker II 1.1 Billion 69 Hyatt hotels - investments
Edward Stack 1.1 Billion 58 Dick's Sporting Goods
Denise York 1.1 Billion 62 Owner San Francisco 49er's
Seth Klarman 1.0 Billion 56 The Baupost Group Investments
Thomas Bailey 1.0 Billion 76 mutual fund Janus
Carol Jenkins Barnett 1.1 Billion 56 Inherited Publix
Thomas Barrack 1.1 Billion 66 Colony Capital
Sara Blakely 1.0 Billion 42 Founder Spanx
Charles Brandes 1.0 Billion 71 Investment management
Christopher Burch 1.0 Billion 60 Tory Burch LLC - self-made
Tory Burch 1.0 Billion 47 Tory Burch LLC - self-made
Darwin Deason 1.0 Billion 73 Xerox
David William Grainger 1.0 Billion 85 W.W. Grainger
Donald Hall 1.0 Billion 85 Hallmark Cards
Ryan Kavanaugh 1.0 Billion 38 movie studio - Relativity
William Moncrief Jr 1.1 Billion 93 oil
John Morgridge 1.0 Billion 80 Cisco Systems
Dan Snyder 1.0 Billion 48 Washington Redskins
Alexander Spanos 1.0 Billion 89 real estate
Jim Thompson 1.0 Billion 73 Crown Worldwide Movers
Charles Zegar 1.0 Billion 65 1 of 4 Founders of Bloomberg L.P.
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Houston Billionaire's John and Laura Arnold are giving away up to $100,000  as part of a Christmas charity program to promote their giving website. For every person who joins the  "Giving Library" and shares another charitable organization's video online,  the Arnolds will give $5 to that chosen charity. And you can do it up to five times with five different charities.
Local picks include the Houston Food Bank and women's health charity The Rose.
"Lots of people give at the end of the year, it's a great time to pitch in and give back," said Giving Library manager Kerry Vaughan. "It's a great way to discover new projects and even if you don't have money to give out of your own pocket, you can give $25 of our money."
It originally started last year and it's part of the Arnold's Foundation. "It's really important to Laura and John to be active in giving and they wanted to make their resources and knowledge available to everyone," said Vaughan. Forbes estimate the Arnold's Foundation to have assets of around $711 million.  John Arnold, 38, retired last year from energy trading to devote all his time to the foundation.
Since the relaunch last month, $13,600 has been donated through the site's donate button. Six thousand shares in this new "Share to Give" program means the foundation has already gifted $30,000 of the possible $100,000.
Giving In The News -  Houston Billionaires Giving Away $100,000.00 For Chritmas
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