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Neighborhood Of Mansions Covers The Denver Area Suburb
We have searched hundreds of websites and spent thousands of hours compiling this sort-able wealthy mailing list database of addresses of the richest people in America. With literally thousands of uses, our billionaire addresses database is "The Must List" for anyone - in any business. An address list of this size, amount of information, and ease of use, could easily cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars if available. There are a few other websites offering millionaires or billionaire addresses but none have all the information available that ours has. There is no site with prices as low as ours, guaranteed!
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Have you ever thought about what it is like to be the richest man in the country? What it is like to be the big fish in the big house on the hill? How fun it is to look up the Billionaire Mansions and check them out! It’s interesting to use our addresses on Google or Bing Maps, or any mapping system to view the mansions of rich. Taking a peek into their private, exclusive, well hidden estates really allows you the chance to see what their fantasy world is all about. It really gives some of us something to dream about!
Uses For Business

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to use our information, that’s why we offer our wealthy mailing lists in MS Word, Excel, and PDF sort-able spreadsheets. Word and Excel make marketing to the wealthy easy for printing envelopes and letters you can use to help further your career, idea, or so many other uses. No one likes to pass up free money or business help. With a little effort, our billionaire contact addresses, and a little time, free money is not as hard to get as some people might think. There are many billionaires who give money to people. Below are a few of the people that billionaires give money to.

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The Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI has 70 rooms, is 65,000 square foot, and was built as the Newport summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, a member of the wealthy United States Vanderbilt family
Sprawling Mansion Drawing
Eddie Murphy built this mansion completing it in 2010. The 21,000 square foot, 8 Bedroom, 11 Bath Mansion has an estimated value of $25,000,000.00
How We Compile Our Data - We use the Forbes Billionaires List and the Bloomberg Billionaires List as our sources for our Billionaires List. We use these two resources because we feel as though they are a respected, truly trusted, and accurate source of financial data. Our wealthy mailing lists of addresses are found using a wide variety of resources from real estate sites, blogs, financial transactions, and land records. Once found, our addresses are then double checked using postal verification services such as the United States Postal Service and data sources such as to ensure there is actual mail delivery to the particular address and a mail receptacle in place. As paying members to these resources, when addresses change or mail is stopped to the address, the resource notifies us of the impending change and we update our lists accordingly. This allows us to always have up to date information to keep our mailing lists current and accurate, thus eliminating returned mail. We are sorry but billionaire emails are very hard to find and when you do they are usually old and out dated. As we find billionaires emails we include them, though very few, in our Billionaire Mailing List.
Westbury House (back view) is the former estate of John Shaffer Phipps, heir to a U.S. Steel fortune
If interested in seeing some of our aerial images of mansions of billionaires, millionaires, and CEO's, feel free to visit our blog, Billionaire Addresses on Wordpress.
Thanks forever, your list changed my life.”
Jerry Cooke, Orlando, FL
“The Billionaires Mailing List really is the most valuable list of Billionaire Home Addresses I have seen available on the internet. A BEST business asset” - Sheryl Carlson, Minneapolis, MN
Below are examples of what you might see using Google Maps or Bing Maps with our addresses. Using Google or Bing Maps Birdseye View, you can see the mansions and property from all sides or zoom in closer to get a better view.
Ask for money. As we know there are thousands of reasons we could use cash
Save yourself from homelessness, car repos, foreclosure, and utility shut off
Ask for help to start a new business
Great for any type of non-profit
Art galleries for show invitations
Country Club membership recruitment
Yacht, art, and auto dealers looking for the richest people to sell too
Home staging, interior designers, and house sitters
Contact the richest people in America about a political party affiliation or donation
Send any sales literature to billionaires or ask for a grant for college
Send personal letters, fund raising, or charity contribution requests to billionaires
Let the billionaire know about your latest investment opportunity
Inform the billionaire about your Limousine Company or hotel
Send information to billionaires about a new product idea you have
Perfect list for wardrobe and hair stylists, masseuse, and personal care attendants
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Excellent tool for all high volume sales people looking for top of the line clients
Our list is a MUST for stock brokers, investors, and high end securities companies
Use our mailing list to reference names to follow on stock market trades
Perfect for fund raising campaigns, lobbyists, and political groups
Excellent for attorneys looking for higher end clients
A must for construction, home builders, security, and security equipment companies
Great for landscape architects
Lawn care service industry-rich people spend hundreds of thousands per year
Just for fun - Using Bing Maps with bird’s eye view you can see a 360’ view of their beautiful mansions and estates
Marketing to the wealthy of any kind - And thousands of other uses!
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A Country Summer Home In Greenwich, CT
Our lists are developed from databases that are defined by net worth in a way that conforms to the Federal Reserve Board’s research on wealth distribution among US households. Databases are updated quarterly, and we have experienced less than a 5% rate of undeliverable letters.
A word about billionaire email addresses: Once again, if you would like billionaires email addresses, we are sorry but email addresses are something we don't offer simply because we do not contribute to spam on the internet. Unsolicited emails are spam which we do not approve of and will not help contribute to. We do offer CEO corporate emails that are given on the corporate websites of their respected companies. Those are included with our Top 1000 CEO Mailing List.  Update: We do have preapproval to use some email addresses of billionaires we have collected. Please contact us if interested in millionaire or billionaire email addresses. Please remember there are all kinds of reasons there are billionaires who give money to people.

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The Breakers Mansion
One of the famed billionaire mansions of Newport, Rhode Island
Mega Mansion For Sale In Birmingham, AL Only $13,000,000.00
Mansion For Sale - 50,000 sq. ft. on 27 acres, 15 bedrooms, 18 baths, 25 seat theatre, wine cellar, commercial kitchen, elevator, 2 pool houses, guest house, full equestrian facilities including barn with living quarters - All yours for $13,900,000.00
The Beverly Park Mansion of Actor Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills, California. The 40,000 Sq. Ft Mansion sits on 3 acres, has yearly taxes of $250,000.00 and has been photographed thousands of times. It includes a bowling alley and 2-story library. Click Finton for interior photos.
Here is one of the many country summer homes found on Long Island, New York. Famed for the Hamptons lifestyle, most of the summer homes are actually country mansions of
New York's wealthiest people and our country's elite.
Former mansion of Billionaire Sid Bass - Given to his ex-wife Mercedes in divorce
Here is the former mansion of billionaire Sid Bass. The estate was given to his ex-wife, Mercedes, during their divorce. For more visit our friends at
One of the many Billionaire Mansions of Indian Creek Island In Miami, FL One of the many Billionaire Mansions of Indian Creek Island In Miami, FL
Over A Million Dollars Was Spent To Fix The Roof Problems In Bettie Whittakers Mansion
"Just wanted to thank you for all your help. Mark was just great! He is excellent at customer service. I will use your lists to send my invitations every year. Take care." Barb Palmer, Monroe, WI
Mansion of Billionaire Thomas Frist Jr In Belle Meade, TN
"Just wanted to say thanks, already got 3 replies. Will use your site again." - Norma, Tarrytown, PA
The 36,000 Sq. Ft. Windermere, FL mansion of Bettie Whitaker, ex-wife of David Siegel, founder of Westlake Resorts and known for the show “Queen of Versailles” with his new wife, Jackie.
The mansion of Thomas Frist Jr., co-founder of the Hospital Corporation of America, the nation’s most successful hospital company. The 38,000 sq. ft. mansion is in Belle Meade, TN.
Other Uses For Our Lists - Political Donations - Personal Letters - Political Campaigns - Money Managers - Security Brokers - Bodyguards - Business Ideas
Back Of Old Westbury Mansion, on Long Island
Minneapolis, MN - (320) 496-0383
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Light Soaked Indoor Pool At Actor Ron Howards House in Greenwich, NY
Billionaire Address - The Rockefeller Family Mansion and Estate - Called Kykuit - in Tarrytown, NY
Asherwood - The Mansion and Estate of the Late Billionaire Mel Simon
One of the homes from the CEO Mailing List in Dallas, TX
This mansion address was added to the Billionaire Mailing List last year
A Beautiful Hilltop Mansion In Santa Barbara, CA
Billionaire Addresses - A Billionaire Mansion In Los Angeles
Millionaire Mansion in Brentwood, CA
An Old Westbury, NY Mansion from the Billionaire Mailing List
Mansion of The Rockefellers Tarrytown, New York
Mansion of ***Southampton, New York
Mansion of ***Santa Barbara, California
Former Ron Howard House - Pool Area
Greenwich, Connecticut
Mansion of ***Carmel, Indiana
Still called a house - This one of Qin Hui, a Chinese entertainment industry mogul, in Old Westbury, New York
  Mansion of ***Dallas, Texas
Mansion of ***Beverly Hills, California
Mansion of ***Brentwood, California
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Supermodel Elle MacPherson and her husband Jeffrey Soffer's winter home in Indian Creek Village, FL. Together, the village of 86 residents boasts a net worth in excess of $37 billion. That’s greater than the gross domestic product of half the the world’s nations.
The mansions of Palm Beach and Miami, Florida are well known. Many of the mansions of Palm Beach are the winter homes of our country's richest people.
Thousands of Uses for Our Exclusive Billionaire, Millionaire, and CEO Mailing Lists
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