Another one of the vacation homes of the rich in Palm Beach, Florida.
Palm Beach, Florida is the winter home to many of the country's millionaires and billionaires.
The legendary Breakers Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. For a high def close-up see our home page.
One of the houses in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, CA
One of the many millionaire and billionaire mansions of the Palm Beach, Florida
Currently Up For Sale - Billionaire Netscape Founder James Clark - Owns this estate and mega mansion in Palm Beach, FL
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Another angle of the Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI

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Pencil Drawing Of Sprawling Mansion
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Mansions, What Are They Really? They come in all shapes and sizes. There are mega mansions, monster mansions, executive mansions, gilded-age mansions, celebrity mansions, mini-mansions or Mc-Mansions, old mansions, modern mansions, haunted mansions, and contemporary mansions, just to name a few.  A mansion basically consists of a single family dwelling with at least 10,000 square feet of floor space. The word itself derives from the word mansio or "dwelling", an abstract noun derived from the verb manere or "to dwell".
Luxury houses or mansions built during the past and present centuries usually have specially designed rooms meant to accommodate leisure activities of a particular kind. Many will have a conservatory or greenhouse, while others will have an infinity pool or a home theatre. Some have all of these features. The relative importance of these specially designed rooms changes with the times: At the beginning of the 20th century no true mansion would have been built without a room to house a private library or office, while at the beginning of the 21st century the presence of a room designed for a home theatre or cinema is a must. Most recently, mansions have been built with integrated demotics, or otherwise known as automation or centralized computer controlled systems. Today mega mansions dot the United States all over. Many mansions are now known as luxury houses because of all the amenities they offer.
A modern mansion today may not necessarily be limited to a single house standing alone, but compounds, or a grouping of larger houses. The Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport, MA  is an example of one family building surrounded by large houses on a single plot. In England, mansions are usually referred to as chateaus, villa‚Äôs, or summer houses. There are all types of variations of the word mansions.  For a more in-depth look at the word and meaning of 'mansion' see Mansion on Wikipedia
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One of the Billionaire Mansions of Beverly Hills, CA
Contemporary estate and mega mansion by the Landry Design Group sited on the highest elevation in the Beverly Park area of Beverly Hills. The approx. 20,000 sq. ft. estate includes a new 6,100 sq. ft. guest house + 1,700 sq. ft. bonus room at basement level, which is connected to the main house by a glass and stainless steel-columned bridge. There is a total of 11bdrm/18bath on 6.79 acres (over 2 acres level) w/mountain views and city lights. This private hilltop setting's outdoor amenities include vast pristine lawns, large pool and paddle tennis ct with pavilions.
Last sold in 2010 for $16,500,000.00 and is now the home of billionaire Saudi businessman Saleh Abdullah Kamel, one of the richest Arabs in the world.
A Billionaires Mega Mansion in Admirals Cove, Jupiter, FL.Delong Place Mansion In Lexington, KYSide View of Delong Place Mansion In Lexington, KYFormer Mansion of Sean Quinn - Bankrupt BillionaireFormer Mansion of Gianni Versce in MiamiMansion of TV Personality Kathy Lee Gifford In Greenwich, CTAerial View of LeReve Mansion in Cumming, GASide View of LeReve MansionFormer Mansion and Estate of Billionaire Sid Bass in Ft Worth, TXA Billionaires Mountaintop Mansion in CaliforniaBillionaire Michael Dells House Mansion in Austin, TX.Mansion of Billionaire David Duffield In Danville, CAMansion Of Well Known Hollywood Producer in the Malibu, CA areaMountainside Mansion Overlooking Hollywood and Los Angeles, CAPalm Beach Mansion Of Billionaire David KochMansion Of Late Billionaire Dean White In Crown Point, INMansion Of Billionaire Ira Rennert In Southampton, NYMansion Of Billionaire Ira Rennert In Southampton, NYMansion Of Billionaire Ira Rennert In Southampton, NYMansion Of Billionaire Ira Rennert In Southampton, NYMansion Of Billionaire Ira Rennert In Southampton, NYMansion Of Billionaire James Irsay In Carmel, CAMansion Of Billionaire James Irsay In Carmel, CAMansion Of Billionaire Neal Patterson In Belton, MOLong-Island-Mansion-of-Christopher-Pascucci-Ceo-of-Long-Island-Investors-LLC VIMansion Of CEO Christopher Pascucci - From Long Island Investors, LLC.Mansion Of Jessica Simpson - Once Home Of Sharon And Ozzy OsbourneMansion of Late Billionaire Steve Wasserman In East Hampton, NYMansion and Estate Of Mercedes Bass In Fort Worth, TXMansion Of Singer Jon Bon Jovi In Middleton, NJMansion Of Singer Jon Bon Jovi In Middleton, NJMansion Of Jerry Seinfeld In East Hampton, NY - Next To Steve Wasserman EstateA Beautiful Modern Mansion And Estate In Sewickley, PAA Beautiful Older Mansion And Estate In Greenwich, CTDesert Mansion of Billionaire Charles Brandes In Rancho Santa Fe, CARiverbend Mansion - Billionaire Herbert Kohler's Private ClubRiverbend Mansion - Billionaire Herbert Kohler's Private ClubSprawling Mega Mansion on the Ocean in Palm Beach, FLUp Next: The Mega Mansions Of Palm BeachOceanfront Mansion in Malibu, CaliforniaOne of Many Unique Mansions in the Los Angeles, CA AreaBillionaire Carl Linder III House - Mansion In Cinncinnati, OH
A Billionaires Mega Mansion in Admirals Cove, Jupiter, FL.
The Largest House In America - The Ira Rennet Mansion In The Hamptons
The Hamptons Mansion Of Billionaire Junk Bond King Ira Rennert Is Considered The Largest House In The United States
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Mansion Of CEO Steven Tananbaum In Purchase, NY

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One of many millionaire mansions of Palm Beach, FL
A Beautiful Mansion In Palm Beach, Florida
One of the million dollar houses perched along the mountains in Los Angeles, CA
A couple Palm Beach estates
One of the larger homes in Palm Beach, FL
A Billionaire Address in Palm Beach, FL
A sprawling billionaire's mansion along the ocean in the Palm Beach, Florida area.
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House of Late Billionaire William Davidson In Bloomfield Hills, MI
Unique Mansion of Late Billionaire William Davidson in Bloomfield Hills, MI
Judge Judy House
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Mega Mansion of Golden Tree Asset Management CEO Steven Tananbaum In Purchase, NY
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Beverly Park Mansion   From The Inside
A large percentage of the houses in Greenwich, CT would be considered mansions.
The Mansion and Estate of Adel Filsoof High On A Hill Overlooking the Ocean
The Mansion and Estate of Adel Filsoof Overlooking The Ocean In Mill Neck, NY
TV's Judge Judy House in Greenwich, CT