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Our mailing lists have received many accolades and thank you's to the people who give money away and to us for helping them find the addresses of wealthy people who give money away. We are displaying several of them throughout our websites. We would appreciate hearing from you too if you receive a donation from a billionaire - of any kind. Many billionaires will ask that their names are not given as donors. We respect that so we just ask you simply let us know you received something. We like to know we are helping people. We also appreciate any comments or concerns.
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Many people have asked us, "How many billionaires are there in the U.S.?",   As of January 4, 2018, there are now 585 U,S, billionaires on the list, and  2,210 total billionaires in the world. We have added all of the current U.S. billionaires to the list below. You may ask, "Why would anyone care? There are many reasons you may need to know who the current billionaires in the U.S. are.  Below we have given you a list of the current billionaires in an easy, convenient, sort-able, and scrollable format for quick reference. No need to worry how to contact a billionaire anymore. Our Billionaires Mailing List is great for inventors who have inventions or ideas, but need an invention investor. Billionaires love opening their wallets for great inventions, ideas, apps, or software because it may just help them in their business or just because the invention may make them even more wealthy. People use our lists to ask for money because they are in need. However, most billionaires and millionaires like to know what their FREE money will be used for or they might just not give money away. This is why we include sample letters to ask for money from billionaires and millionaires. They really help you figure out the correct wording, structure, and what and what not to include in the letter. The sample letters are great to ask for donations of any kind, ask for money, ask billionaires for a product endorsement, or to ask billionaires about fund raising donations. Non-Profits use our lists all the time to ask for donations. Sales people use our lists to send information about their products. The list of things you can use our Billionaires List for go on and on, with really thousands of uses. Our lists make a great gift for any business person. After all, our lists contain the names of the most powerful people on the planet, making it simple to contact a billionaire, millionaire, or CEO.
The list of billionaires below is composed using the Forbes 400 Billionaires List along with their real-time monitoring software as well as the Bloomberg Billionaires List - Index to achieve the most accurate list possible. All the names listed below are the exact names you will find, plus their addresses, on the Billionaire Mailing List. Our list below also shows you the heirs too many family fortunes as well as the companies they founded.
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List of Billionaires 2018

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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Challenge The Wealthy To Give To Charity With The 'Giving Pledge'
Founded by Gates and Buffett, The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.
Giving Pledge Contributors Bill and Karen Ackman
Bill and Karen Ackman
Giving Pledge Contributor Billionaire Paul Allen
Paul Allen
Giving Pledge Contributors John and Laura Arnold
Giving Pledge Contributor Billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft
John and Laura Arnold
Lord Michael Ashcroft
Billionaires Who Give Away Money - Nicolas Berggruen
Nicolas Berggruen
Billionaires Who Give Away Money - Manoj Bhargava
Manoj Bhargava
The Billionaires Who Give Money And Have Joined The Giving Pledge
See The Other One Hundred and Twenty-OneBillionaires That Give Money Away

Forbes 400 Richest Americans List - Always Adding New Billionaires

Updated January 2018 - There are now 585 billionaires in the United States. Forbes 400 Richest Americans list is released once a year, updating the wealth of all U.S. billionaires and adding any additional new billionaires. Together, the top 400 richest people now hold $2.48 trillion. Yes, trillion. The richest person in the world is currently Amazons Jeff Bezos with $150 billion, passing Bill Gates at the start of 2018. Gates had topped the list for the last 22 years. Some quick facts about this years billionaires: The minimum net worth for entry was $1.7 billion, the same as it was a year ago. A record 153 billionaires were too poor to make the exclusive club, while 18 newcomers joined the ranks. Forty-two of the spots on The FORBES 400 are filled by those born outside the U.S.
The Billionaire Mailing List is updated to include the new billionaires addresses whenever Forbes updates their Billionaires List and is usually  available within a week. In the meantime, order your lists today, and we will automatically send the new updated list to you when complete. Our list has ALL United States billionaires, including the Forbes 400 list.
One of the many Billionaire Mansions of Admirals Cove in Jupiter, Florida

Billionaires Who Give Money Away

families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. In other words, the billionaires will give most of their money away, instead of leaving it alone until they die and passing to their children or others. To whom they give it to is completely up to them.  Bill Gates has been giving money away since 1997. That year he started his foundation and gave it (endowed) $97 million to give away to the needy. Gates most recently gave $50 million to the Ebola fight. Gates charitable foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or the Gates Foundation, has an endowment of $40 billion, focusing on extreme poverty and poor health in developing countries, plus the failures of America‚Äôs education system and getting it in order.  To date, Bill Gates has given away over $32 billion. If you break that down it is over $1 million per day. Now, that's what we call generous. Many other billionaires who donate money are giving the Gates Foundation substantial amounts to be distributed by the foundation anonymously. That way they don't have thousands of other charities seeing the gift they gave and then asking for some themselves.  However they still get their tax breaks and their 'name in the paper' for the donation to the foundation. Donations to individuals are rarely published, but are happening all the time 'under the table' - as to not create a feeding frenzy of people asking for money. While yes, it is true there are billionaires that give nothing to charity, and we pretty much know who they are, we would never exclude them from our lists as we truly hope they receive letters from those less fortune explaining to them what it is really like out here in the 'real' world. Most billionaires don't know just how hard times really have been for the average person and those who are not wealthy. We would  also like to thank Bill Gates for all he has done for the world, and by giving money to the poor and those less fortunate. Thank you.

The 2nd Richest Man In The World - Bill Gates - Gives Away Over $1 Million - A DAY!

2nd Richest Man In The World Bill Gates
Most everyone knows who Bill Gates is. However, most have no idea of just how much money Bill Gates gives away. Many have heard of the Giving Pledge, (featured above) which was the brainchild of Gates and fellow billionaire Warren Buffett. The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and
We all truly appreciate it and are glad to have you as 'The 2nd Richest Person In The World' and not some wealthy person who just doesn't care. Please countinue with all your good deeds and please continue your help to those that write to you and need your support. Thank you. Click if you would like to see Bill Gates house, on our site.
Bill Gates
The 2nd Richest Man In The World

Billionaires Of The United States - The News, Current Events, And Facts About Them

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The Richest Person In Each State For 2018
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