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We find that so many people that write us just say when they write, "I need money or I need cash now" or "give me a million dollars". If you write like that to the millionaires, billionaires, or CEO's your message will be ignored 99% of the time. You need to explain in detail your hardship and how much money you need and how the money will help you. If you have a genuine need and can convey your message in a meaningful and convincing way then there is a good chance you’ll  receive the donation you have asked for. 'Urban talk" or slang doesn't do it for these people. They are looking for someone who will really use the money for something useful or life changing. If you write and say "I need a new BMW or gold watch", don't even waste your or their time. The billionaires who give money will only give to those with a true need, not just a 'want'.
If you are not sure what we are talking about here, you need to try another avenue to obtain money, because contacting the rich for money would NOT work for you. It would be a waste of everyones time if you just 'want' and not 'need'. 

"You can contact the billionaires on our list - most of them help people in need, but usually on a personal basis. The only real way to get personal with them is to write to them. Getting a hand written envelope still goes a long way when trying to get someone to read a letter."
Mark Taylor - CEO BML

There are many ways you can contact rich people, with one being you can contact them directly through their website or blog, send them an email (if available) or even create a YouTube or Vimeo video to convey your message or hardship to them or as many people as you can.  But we have found the real best way to contact them is by using the Billionaire Mailing List.  We have been in business over 8 years now and have become a trusted and reliable source for contact addresses of the wealthy, being used by non-profits, charities, fundraisers, and individuals all over the world. We are not like other places trying to make money from those trying to find money. We only charge what it costs us to build the lists and have them available for everyone. We make no profit, we are here to serve those less fortunate. And we hope we are able to help you.

While there is no guarantee that you’ll get a donation, billionaires who give away free money are always looking for a worthy cause. So if you have a genuine need, and you ask in a manner they like or understand, then you may just get a donation. Be yourself with them, it's the best way to get help.

To see our list of billionaires who give money away, visit our Billionaires List, as each of the billionaires on our list, give away free money in one way or another.  These are the billionaires that have money to give.
Bllionaires give away free money to hundreds of thousands of people each year.  Many of these gifts  are announced through the normal media outlets, mostly to show the public that they are giving (mostly large gifts). However thousands of other people get free money from billionaires, but the gift is much more intimate and the donation is never advertised or announced.

There are now 624 billionaires in the U.S. in 2019, with many billionaires you can contact for money. However before you ask these rich people for money it’s worth doing a little research into the billionaires real life story so you can get a better idea of the billionaire you’re about to contact.
An example would be; if the billionaire is really into horse racing... It may be a good idea to let the billionaire know how much you are also interested in horses and horse racing. It just gives you a little 'inside' point to let the billionaire know he is dealing with someone whom also cares about horses or animals.
Billionaire Dick Devos House (Get his address here on our list) in Ada, MI
Inherited the Amway Company from his father, Richard DeVos
The Mansion of Dick DeVos - Heir of the Amway Dynasty
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We will soon be offering a list of the billionaires charities and foundations for those of you that are part of a non-profit that needs funding or someone just looking for funding for anything.  If you need help with household bills, help with medical bills,  or help with college tuition or a small business trying to get funding, then you can turn to their foundations that are set up to help these needs.
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