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"Just wanted to thank you for all your help. Mark was just great! He is excellent at customer service. I will use your lists to send my invitations every year. Take care."

Barb Palmer, Monroe, WI
"Your company has changed our life.. We bought the addresses a while ago, and talked about what we would say for a long time before even writing to some of them. Never thought we would hear from anyone. We finally heard through someones "foundation" that we were granted $10,000!!! We were floored and didn't really believe it was true. We contacted you and you told us, "We only supply the addresses, the rest is up to you". Never did we think our $30 would help us. To those 'thinking about it" is you can't get help without asking. This list really did work, it did for us anyways. Most people just don't give money to people for no reason, our reason must have 'touched them'.  Just our opinion. We love and fully support the Billionaire Mailing List. Totally, would let you use this as a testiminial for one of your sites. We can never thank you enough! "

Forever your supporter
, Sandra P, St Paul, MN (Phone # and full name upon request)
            "It was almost a mission impossible to reach Mr. John Doerr, Billionaire Mailing List supplied two major addresses of                                                                         Mr. John Doerr, which will allow me to introduce my proprietary technology and get his attention"

Hans from the Netherlands
Hans Horchner Has A New Battery Charging Concept - Investors Please Contact

Customer Testimonials

"These lists are amazing! Please notify me when updated lists come out!"

Philip Tocci - USA
"Hi Mark, I just wanted to let you know I have been using the Billionaire List and have found 2 people that want to help with my grand kids college tuition. Just can't thank Billionaire Mailing List enough!!" Excited and waiting for my next letter to come!

Florence Miller, The Bronx. NY
“The Billionaires Mailing List really is the most valuable (and inexpensive too!) list of Billionaire's Addresses I have seen available on the internet. Really is a BEST business asset” - Thank you, I have used it for many different things. Glad I found your site. You need to advertise more because more people like me could really use your great lists!"

Sheryl Carlson, Minneapolis, MN
"What a great list! I never thought I would receive such nice lists. Now to see if they will listen to a vet about the system"

George Klowoski - Hampshire, IL
"Just wanted to say thanks, already got 3 replies. Will use your site again."

Norma, Tarrytown, PA
"Thanks to you guys for the extra stuff, it really helped, nice list, easy to use. Will buy again."

Bonnie Jane - Tacoma, WA
"We just had to write you and let you know a few things about buying addresses from you. We looked all over the internet for addresses like these. We weren't very happy when we found they cost over $1500.00 for a list of 500 names on most sites. We kept looking for 'mailing lists of wealthy people'. Then we searched 'Billionaire Addresses' and there you were. We are so, so happy we found your site. Not only were your addresses MUCH cheaper than all others but you also showed us all the people on the list before we ordered. Once we received the Billionaire Mailing List we were very happy we decided to go with you. Not only was the cost really a  great deal, but the lists were put together so nice and easy to use, we really liked the bottom tabs! On top of everything else, we got several responses we really didn't expect! You need to raise your prices, because your lists are just that good not to! 

Thank you for all you have done for us. We don't know how to thank you enough."

John and Judi Harrison - Bolingbrook, IL
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"Thanks for getting back to us and asking if we needed any further assistance. Your list is great as well as your customer service. Many thanks."

Bill Finley - Location Unknown
"Hi Mark, Awesome.  What service.  Thanks for the extra address for him. Also a key to his front door while your at it,  although he probably hasn’t used a key in years!  Where are you based out of? I have a cool idea we might be able to work together on.  Here’s some of what I’m doing. Keep up the great work!"

James E. Moseley, CEO - Sunseeker Enterprises
More Great Testimonials - Coming NEXT - "We have been watching all kinds of endangered birds coming to our property for many years".....
A Quick Note To Our Guests - People ask us all the time if we know of anyone that has actually received help or whatever it was they were trying to contact the wealthy for.  As you can see by the Thank You letters we have received below and on several other pages throughout the website, the answer is yes, we have people constantly letting us know our addresses have helped them contact the wealthy and we have had some great success by using our mailing lists. 

We would like to say thank you to many of our customers for letting us know of great things that have happened, but in reality there is no sure thing when writing to the wealthy. This is because there are so many variables as to if you will receive an answer to your letters. If you demand money from them, forget it, you will never get a thing. These people are usually professionals and are used to communicating professionally, without all the newest slang, or abbreviated sentences. Please and thank you go a long way.  When you write or try to market to the wealthy, you must make sure you are right to the point, yet try to relay your message in a manner that they can relate to - things such as knowing what their interests are or letting them know you also support the particular cause they like or support or even a subject you may have in common. Spend time looking the people up.

Please remember, our addresses WILL get your letter to them, it is YOU that needs to relay the message of need to them in a poignant manner, to stir internal emotional feelings within them, to make them respond in the way that will benefit you and everyone you are trying to help.

We wish you the best of luck turning your letter and our addresses into a path that helps you obtain what it is you are looking for or dreaming about.

Our Most Recent 'Feel Good' Letters From Our Clients

For Billionaire Mailing List

Just needed to let someone there know we actually got something using your lists. Was asked not to tell, but just wanted to thank you so very much for making it easy for me. I will forever be grateful.

Zucara L Lewis - Detroit, MI
Have you had an experience with our company or using our lists that you would like to share? We realize most of the wealthy ask you not to tell anyone they made a donation to you, but is there anything you might be able to share?

We always welcome and truly appreciate any testimonials of our products and services.

Please tell us let us know here. 

Thank you for your help!
Hans Horchner Has A New Battery Charging Concept - Investors Please Contact