Paradise Valley, AZ., is known as a very wealthy suburb of Pheonix, AZ.

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Our website started out with our interest and fascination with the big old Millionaire Mansions of the South. As we searched for addresses of Mansions to take a look at, we didn’t realize it but we were creating a useable table of data for other people who also enjoy leisurely looking at these beautiful big homes, some dating back to the 1700’s, some brand new, and some still under construction. Over time we learned how to find the addresses easier and soon decided to share them with the public. However, the Billionaires List is
with the public. However, the Billionaires List is continually growing, and with that so did our company. We now have dedicated people who just dig for billionaire and millionaire addresses and keeps track of any address changes or inside info so we can keep our Billionaires List of addresses up-to-date, accurate, and the best you can buy. If you need funding or need to find funding or investors, our list is a great place to start. Our lists have helped many people find funding and investors for all kinds of reasons.
The Billionaire Mailing List offers the contact addresses of wealthy individuals in the United States

Some people have asked how we can be so inexpensive. Does that mean the list is not that good? And our answer is simply this. No, our list is the best you can find anywhere. We are extremely proud of our lists, a lot of hard work has gone into them. And we guarantee them 100%. If you are not completely satisfied within 60 days, just contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.  As far as the
expense, we truly care. We care about the customer that is not able to afford the cost of an expensive list and feel as though everyone should have the opportunity to contact the most powerful people in the world, just like politicians, no matter how much money you have or don't have. The main purpose of the lists is to get donations, ask questions, and contact the wealthy, and it shouldn't
cost you to obtain donations or ask a question from some of the smartest people in the world. The costs associated with the lists are really just production costs. It's our little way of donating and saying thank you while allowing you the opportunity of contacting the real people who make up the richest people in the world, and help those in need.

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The Billionaire Mailing List addresses are not intended for any other purpose but for mail communication and entertainment. The billionaires are after all just normal human beings like everyone else but with more money, so please respect their privacy.
Because the addresses are open public documents and available to the public via the internet, we reserve the right to release ourselves of all possible liabilities of any kind due to the misuse of the enclosed addresses.
If any address is incorrect, either the billionaire themselves or anyone that has updated mailing information may contact us to update the proper mail delivery address. Or request the name and address be removed from the list. We reserve the right to request a $1000.00 removal processing fee for each address removed from our
listing. (Which will be donated to the charity of our choice) All pictures were taken by us or were found on the internet with no copyright visible and are believed to be of public domain. If any picture proves to be copy protected please contact us for immediate removal.

NOTICE - Our staff has spent thousands of hours collecting and investigating this information. Anyone found copying Billionaire Mailing List website or using Billionaire Mailing List's trademarked or copyrighted text and/or lists without Billionaire Mailing List's express written consent will be reported to their billing
company, their hosting company, and any other related companies or necessary parties for account closure. Billionaire Mailing List will also follow with a copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
Our lists are developed from databases that are defined by net worth in a way that conforms to the Federal Reserve Board’s research on wealth distribution among US households. Databases are updated quarterly.

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