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Welcome To The Billionaire Mailing List 2017.

Would you like to contact a billionaire? Are you trying to raise funds for a non-profit, charity, or college? Do you have a great idea, website, or product to offer?  Or maybe you need money for an invention or have a great investment opportunity but need investors? Maybe you just enjoy looking at billionaire and millionaire mansions? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place. We offer all U.S. billionaires contact addresses, corporate addresses and info, foundations, net worth, and company links of all United States billionaires including the entire Forbes 400 Billionaires List for 2017.
We also now offer the Millionaire Mailing List and Top 1000 CEO Mailing List.
We have searched hundreds of websites and spent thousands of hours compiling this sort-able database of addresses of the richest people in America. With literally thousands of uses, our billionaire addresses database is "The Must List" for anyone - in any business. An address list of this size, amount of information, and ease of use, could easily cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars if available. There are a few other websites offering millionaires or billionaire addresses but none have all the information available that ours has. There is no site with prices as low as ours, guaranteed!

Uses For Our Lists

Great For Business

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to use our information, that’s why we offer out lists in MS Word, Excel, and PDF sort-able spreadsheets. Word and Excel make our lists easy for printing envelopes and letters you can use to help further your career, idea, or so many other uses. No one likes to pass up free money or business help. With a little effort, our billionaire contact addresses, and a little time, free money is not as hard to get as some people might think.

Below are just a few of the thousands of uses for our unique and exlusive, private Billionaires List
Ask for money. As we know there are thousands of reasons we could use cash.
Save yourself from homelessness, car repos, foreclosure, and utility shut off.
Ask for a college grant or scholarship.
Ask for help to start a new business.
Great for any type of non-profit.
Art galleries show invitations.
Yacht, art, and auto dealers looking for the richest people to sell too.
Home staging, interior designers, and house sitters.
Contact the richest people in America about a political party affiliation or donation.
Send any sales literature to billionaires.
Country Club membership recruitment.
Send personal letters, fund raising, or charity contribution requests to billionaires.
Let the billionaire know about your latest investment opportunity.
Inform the billionaire about your Limousine Company or hotel.
Send information to billionaires about a new product idea you have.
Perfect list for wardrobe and hair stylists, masseuse, and personal care attendants.
Perfect for real estate agents looking for billionaires to sell/buy mansions to or from.
Excellent tool for all high volume sales people looking for top of the line clients.
Our list is a MUST for stock brokers, investors, and high end securities companies.
Use our mailing list to reference names to follow on stock market trades.
Perfect for fund raising campaigns, lobbyists, and political groups.
Excellent for attorneys looking for higher end clients.
A must for construction, home builders, security, and security equipment companies.
Great for landscape architects, billionaires love to keep their yards beautiful.
Lawn care service industry-rich people spend hundreds of thousands per year.
Just for fun - Using Bing Maps with bird’s eye view you can see a 360’ view of their beautiful mansions and estates.
And thousands of other uses!
Great For Entertainment

Have you ever thought about what it is like to be the richest man in the country? What it is like to be the big fish in the big house on the hill? How fun it is to look up the Billionaire Mansions and check them out! It’s interesting to use our addresses on Google or Bing Maps, or any mapping system to view the mansions of rich. You might not even want to contact a billionaire, but taking a peek into their private, exclusive, well hidden estates really allows you the chance to see what their fantasy world is all about. It really gives some of us something to dream about!

Other Uses For Our Lists

Below are examples of what you might see using Google Maps or Bing Maps with our addresses. Using Google or Bing Maps Birdseye View -- you can see the mansions and property from all sides or zoom in closer to get a better view.
Thank you so much for following
Billionaire Mailing List.

Billionaire Mansions

Mansion of Billionaire Thomas Frist Jr In Belle Meade, TN
Above is the mansion of Thomas Frist Jr., co-founder of the Hospital Corporation of America, the nation’s most successful hospital company. The 38,000 sq. ft. mansion is in Belle Meade, TN.
Eddie Murphy built this mansion completing it in 2010. The 21,000 square foot, 8 Bedroom, 11 Bath Mansion has an estimated value of $25,000,000.00
The Beverly Park Mansion of Actor Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills, California. The 40,000 Sq. Ft Mansion sits on 3 acres, has yearly taxes of $250,000.00 and has been photographed thousands of times. It includes a bowling alley and 2-story library. Click Finton for interior photos.
Former mansion of Billionaire Sid Bass - Given to his ex-wife Mercedes in divorce
Here is the former mansion of billionaire Sid Bass. The estate was given to his ex-wife, Mercedes, during their divorce. For more visit our friends at
Mega Mansion For Sale In Birmingham, AL Only $13,000,000.00
Mansion For Sale - 50,000 sq. ft. on 27 acres, 15 bedrooms, 18 baths, 25 seat theatre, wine cellar, commercial kitchen, elevator, 2 pool houses, guest house, full equestrian facilities including barn with living quarters - All yours for $13,900,000.00

See Our Other Billionaire Mansions

If interested in seeing some of our aerial images of mansions of billionaires, millionaires, and CEO's, feel free to visit our blog, Billionaire Addresses on Wordpress. Don't forget to see all our mansion images on our Facebook page.
See all new content and mansions coming every week.  Thank you for visiting us!

Billionaire Email Addresses

A word about billionaire email addresses
Once again, if you would like billionaires email addresses, we are sorry but email addresses are something we don't offer simply because we do not contribute to spam on the internet. Unsolicited emails are spam which we do not approve of and will not help contribute to. We do offer CEO corporate emails that are given on the corporate websites of their respected companies.  Those are included with our Top 1000 CEO Mailing List.  That would be the only way we currently have to contact a billionaire via email at this time.  Update: We do have preapproval to use some email addresses of billionaires we have collected. Please contact us if interested in millionaire or
billionaire email addresses.

Charities and Non-Profits All Over The World Use The Addresses of the Billionaire Mailing List

Billionaires In The News

Billionaire Deaths

(Above) The Palm Beach, Florida Mansion of Billionaire Indoor Mall Creator, Alfred Taubman.
Mr. Taubman Died April 17, 2015.

Much more Billionaire News can be found on our Exclusive and One And Only Websitre

Billionaire World News

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We are constantly being asked if there are billionaires that give away free money or how to get free money from millionaires. There are many millionaires that give money to help people. Billionaires and millionaires donate money all the time. It usually all is based on the millionaire or billionaires interests or concerns . Without anyone knowing, many billionaires and millionaires help people financially, but it is usually done in a very 'discrete manner'  to ensure not to alarm the general public, thus creating a 'viral' story about 'giving' that everyone wants to cash-in-on.  Most millionaires or billionaires who help people, do so very privately, trying to make sure this doesn't happen.
There are many places that claim they can help you get 'Free Money From Rich People'

There are many generous millionaires and billlionaires in the world.  While we would love to tell you how to get free money from millionaires or billionaires, there really isn't a 'perfect way' to do it. 

HOW TO FIND BILLIONAIRES - After trial and error we have come to the conclusion that to at least start  - is by having the millionaires or billionaires private home contact addresses.  However, most published addresses go the millionaire or billionaires office address and are sorted by assistants and others, not ever really reaching the billionaire personally.
NOT  WITH OUR LISTS! By using our lists and sending your letter directly to the billionaires private mailbox or PO box, your chances of having the wealthy person or their immediate family passing it from their hand to the billionaire or millionaire - IS MUCH - MUCH - GREATER!.

The real thing is that you really CAN contact the richest people in the world, you just have to know how to do it. Our addresses give you the best chance to contact a millionaire or billionaire. Guaranteed!

(And don't forget about our FREE sample letters to help you write the perfect letter  to the wealthy) Use our 12 different sample letters for 12 different reasons you may need the money .  (Just fill in name and send if needed)
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